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Fontainebleau, Coaching, Rock Climbing Coaching, Performance Coaching, Bouldering, Climbing, Rock ClimbingRock Climbing Coaching to complement the skills we have coached you inside!   Onsight Coaching has teamed up with top coaches in the country to introduce you to some of the best rock climbing in the UK and Europe.  These trips are the perfect way to understand what climbing is all about and introduce you to the what is out there!

Whether this is your first time outdoors or you are a seasoned climber looking to push your grade are workshops are designed to take your climbing to the next level.

Each workshop comes with detailed technique advice, tactics and safety advice.  Talking you through out to read routes outside and approach your first onsights and redpoints to the techniques that will help you succeed.  As well as the safety skills to make you feel comfortable in this environment.

Our three main trips are our Portland Sports Climbing Workshop (Summer), Spanish Climbing Holiday (Easter) and Fontainebleau Bouldering Workshop (Autumn).

We can also deliver bespoke days out to suite what ever your requirements are from Family outings to individual coaching sessions on your projects or to help you master specific techniques and tactics.


Portland Sports Climbing Workshops – Find Out More!

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Suitable for all levels of climbers from those new to rock climbing to those looking to take their climbing to the next level.  Our 2016 workshops saw climbers on some of their first leads outside to those redpointing their first 7’s.

This is an action packed day in Portland on some of the best sports routes the UK has to offer.  The perfect venue chosen for your level and goals.

Each day packs in a combination of essential techniques for outdoor climbing, tactics and any technical information required to help you enjoy and maximise your time outside.  With a maximum of 4:1 coaching ratio the day ensures the coaches can focus on every climber and help them achieve their goals!

For those that haven’t visited Portland this sunny isle sits just below Weymouth, taking just over 2 hours from London it’s easily accessible with a good range of accommodation options.  The routes here range from fun beginners routes to 30m vertical technical challenges going into the low 8’s.  The isle offers some of the best mid grade climbing in the UK.


Spain Climbing Holidays – Find Out More!

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A big fixture on our climbing trip list!  This trip is a must for all those looking to really understand what sport climbing is all about.  Our itinerary takes you to some of the best rock climbing area and routes in the world.

The Catalunya region of Spain has been the epicentre of sports climbing in Europe for a while, with many of the world’s best climbers such as Chris Sharma, Adam Ondra and Dani Andrada putting up the hardest routes in the world here.

But the region offers much more than just hard routes with Margalef along offering over a 1000’s routes from 4-9b!  A huge majority of this in the 5’s & 6’s.

With expert coaching choosing the right route for you and breaking down the key techniques and tactics to help you achieve your goals.  Our 6 day trips include 5 days of climbing and is suitable for all levels of climbers.

Our 2016 holiday saw climbers tackle some of the most the best routes Margalef has to offer, learning the techniques and tactics to get the most from this incredible venue.

The 2017 trip will not also take in the best of Margalef, but also enjoy fun day enjoying the contrasting style of Siurana just down the road.  Both of these some of the most beautiful climbing locations in Europe.

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Fontainebleau Bouldering Workshops – Find Out More!

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If you haven’t climbed in Fontainebleau you need to ask yourself why not!  One for the climbing bucket list.  These sandstone boulders are the perfect way to either dial that technique or just sit back and relax in the sun while climbing some of the best boulder problems in Europe.

Our 3 day workshops aim to give you the techniques and strategies to make the most out of your time here.  Each day focuses on the essential skills to climb these incredibly technical problems.  Ideal for all climbers, from those looking to push their grade to families wanting a climbing holiday.

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We can also offer individual packages, whether family days out introducing everyone to climbing to individual events and groups.  Please contact us with what you’re looking for and we will try and help. Contact us for more details!



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