Climbing Exercise Videos

Three Climbing Exercise Videos for your Training

Training, Climbing, climbing exercise videosWas great working with Ed Wong and Oakwood Climbing Centre to produce these three climbing exercise videos focusing on getting you stronger and ready for climbing.  Each one looks at a different key part of the upper body, laying the base to start improving your performance.


Video one looks at key exercises to recruit and engage the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder a crucial first step in having healthy shoulders. These exercises also highlight the importance of correct scapular rhythm which is vital for a healthy range of motion in the shoulders.


Video two looks at three TRX upper body exercises to support your climbing.  These will help strength key muscle groups such as the Latissimus Dorsi, Biceps and Trapezius muscles to get you through those hard moves.


Video three goes back to the shoulders and combines strength with dynamic stability.  These three exercises will help you take you shoulder strength and control to the next level as well as combining a strong core and control from the legs.



For more information on these climbing exercise videos or to book a training program or assessment please contact us.