Fontainebleau Family Bouldering Workshop

Youth Bouldering in France

Bouldering, Font, Fontainebleau, France

Youth Bouldering in Fontainebleau

This was the third of our bouldering workshops in Font.  While the last two trips where incredible for this one I got to introduce two of the youth stars I coach and there families to this amazing place.  I get to work with many amazing climbers and one of the joys of my job is watching them transfer their skills to rock and understand what it’s all about.  Like wise many of the skills we learn on rocks feedback into the competitions and events youth climbers enter.

Font in particular is a very unforgiving place, perfect foot placement and body position are needed for even the easiest climbs.  The skills are very much movement and momentum orientated and not strength focused like many indoor boulders.  Reading the rock correctly is key, whether identifying the foot holds or hand positions.  It’s a great place to fast-track climbing skills and make climbers appreciate the importance of the drills and instructions you given them indoors.

But pictures are always going to paint a better picture than words.  Please find a gallery of some of the amazing boulders and times we had in this special place.  Do keep an eye on our Rock Climbing Page for more trips.



Bouldering in Font